Lolo & Lola

Celebrating 70 years of marriage earlier in the year, this couple has shown me and my entire family how to live and how to love. Caring, compassionate, and with unwavering support, my grandparents have been a solid foundation of the Encina Family, leading by great example. Nowadays you’ll find my grandma singing and hustling everyone in Texas Hold’em, while my grandpa sits quietly smiling and (mostly) sleeping.


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The Siribans

These are just a few of the many beautiful memories made this weekend at the wedding of Paulo and Jenny Siriban. Congrats and enjoy the honeymoon in Hawaii! I’m looking forward to the life you build together– and for those 8 kids on the way.



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charlene linsangan - These are great! Thanks for capturing & sharing such great memories.

Spare Room

A classy old-man night out for Angelo’s 30th birthday. Bottles of wine and dinner at the Factory Kitchen, and then drinks, classic board games and bowling at the Spare Room. Don’t let the picture fool you, I’m pretty sure Ricky lost every time at Jenga. Happy Birthday Angelo, I’ll be joining you very soon at 30 very soon.




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